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Please Note - ALL machines on this page are discontinued.

Please Contact Aresco for availiblity of any remaining parts.




DiAZiT's Dart XL 80 blueprint machine offers contemporary low profile styling and performance at an economical price. The many operator-friendly features that are incorporated into the design of this machine make it easy to use and control. All operating controls are recessed and conveniently located in the center of the unit for easy access by either hand.

Instant, No Warm-Up Operation: As with all DiAZiT blueprint machines, the Dart XL 80 is ready to go at the flip of a switch with no warm-up and no wait.

Solid State Speed Control: A solid state, single dial speed control ensures accurate and repeatable operation from a highly reliable component.

Forward/Reverse Switch: Convenience & Safety first for those valuable originals with a flip of a switch.

Corrosion-Resistant Developer: All DiAZiT models are equipped with a corrosion-resistant developer system for long lasting, trouble-free operation.

Precision Glass Cylinders: As with all DiAZiT machines, the Dart XL80 is equipped with high quality, precision glass cylinders that ensure proper contact between the original and print for crisp clear copies every time.

Print Speed 21ft/min (384 m/hr)
Print Width 32" (812 mm)
Shipping Wt. 55 lbs. (25 kg)
Dimensions 42.5" x 5.5" x 18"
108W x 14H x 46D cm
Electrical 1-110 VA fluorescent lamp
120V 50 or 60HZ 4 amp
220V 50 or 60HZ 2 amp
Pricing starting at: $995.00












The Omni 120-E model is the most-economical 250 V.A. single lamp blueprint machine available, yet contains many features of the Omnitrac models. These features include user friendly solid state dual range speed control that can be switched from normal high speed to a low speed range for printing precision specialty intermediates, a forward/reverse switch, and a simple on/off operation without waiting for warm-up. The Omni 120-E does not include the TRAC System. However, the exclusive DiAZiT Ammonia Arrestor System is optional if required. The Omni 120-E can be used as a tabletop model incorporating a Feedboard or it can also be mounted on the Omni 120-E Stand as pictured above with a Feedboard or Roll Box.

Omni 120-E

Print Speed : 25ft/min (457 m/hr)
Print Width: 48" (1200 mm)
Shipping Wt.: 120 lbs. (55 kg)
Dimensions: 158" x 28" x 31"
62W x 11H x 12D cm
Electrical: 1-250 VA fluorescent lamp
120 V / 60HZ 8 Amp (220V / 50HZ 4 Amp)
Pricing starting at: $1,645.00












Ammonia Free



There are special situations such as high-rise lease restrictions, hospitals, hyper-allergic conditions, minimal space, and etc. that do not permit conventional ammonia-developed blueprinting. The AF1O1 is the answer to economical odorless printing without the high cost that come with a Plain-Paper copier's linear foot maintenance charges. Your copy costs with the AF1O1 is only the consumables.

Like all DiAZiT blueprint machines the AF1O1 is environmentally friendly. Blueprint production is fast and easy. The AF1O1 prints on a precision glass cylinder for optimum contact between the original and copy paper. A single 250 VA Super Diazo fluorescent lamp and a synchronized developer section make copying a snap. The AF1O1 is a compact, self-contained copier and does not require tubes, hoses or absorber filters.

af 101

The AF1O1 blueprinter is completely ammonia free. No venting or ammonia absorbers are necessary for odorless copying. No warm-up is required. A single switch offers instant on/off operation and energy savings.

One small 250ml bottle of activator develops over 200 24"x36" (A1) size copies. There is no used developer, toner, ammonia or absorber to dispose of.


Optional accessories include a mobile stand with a sling type print catcher P/N 7011.A roll storage cabinet P/N 7014 for 50m(yd) rolls with wire type paper cutter is also available.


Dimensions (W/H/D): 62"x7"x2O" (158cm x 8cm x 51cm)
Net Weight: 145 lbs. (66 kg)
Venting Requirements: None, Ammonia Free
Power Requirements: 12OV, 60HZ, 5 amps - 220V 50HZ 2.5 amps
Exposure System: 1-250 V.A., fluorescent lamp in glass cylinder
Space Requirements: 62" x 20" (158cm x 51 cm)
Max Printing Width: 48 inches (1200mm)
Variable Speed Control up to: 25ft/min (457 m/h)
Print Delivery: Front
One Year Limited Warranty * Prices subject to change without notice.
Pricing starting at: $2,245.00
$2,495.00 with stand