One World Trade Center - Freedom Tower

October 19, 2012


For Release:

Aresco installs first Canon IPF Series Wide Format Printer at One World Trade Center.




Aresco seems to be installing Canon IPF series printers everyday.  However, today was a memorable one.  Located high on the 45th floor, one of Aresco's electrical contractors ordered a second machine, but to be delivered to a job site location. This contractor took delivery at Ground Zero.




Aresco was chosen the trusted vendor to deliver the machine and install it. Aresco succeeded with the delivery though the heavy rain, and was able to provide another great machine to another satisfied customer.




"We rarely get the chance to delivery to highly recognized locations, It was an honor to be apart of the process and to be trusted with the high security credentials to enter the premise." said Denny Mezzapesa General Manager of Aresco.  "Taking the exterior freight elevator today to the 39th floor was an amazing experience. I have never ridden in an elevator so high outside of a building before. Seeing a Printer in that location seemed like it actually had more of a patriotic feeling because it seems like we were part of the rebuilding process in a small way. I have seen some sites today that people haven't seen in over a decade.I feel blessed.  I can't wait to visit with my family when it is completed. There are some days in your life that you will never forget.  For me, today was one of those days.  Never Forget."








Square Feet or Linear Feet - What's The Difference?
Written by Denny Mezzapesa on Thursday, 20 September 2012 07:24   

What is the Difference in Wide Format printing in square feet or Linear Feet?

The difference is pretty simple.  Square feet will calculate the total number of feet within the entire drawing.  Linear feet will only calculate 1 edge of the print.


For example...

If we had a 24x36 (in) drawing and we wanted to figure out how many square feet are in the drawing... There are 2 ways to figure it out.

Option 1. Multiply the (Length X Width) In feet - 2x3=6

Option 2. This is to be used if you are trying to figure out the square footage in "inches". Multiply the (Length X Width) then DIVIDE by 144.  24X36=864  /  864÷144= 6


Option 2 is very popular if the drawing is not a perfect number.  It would eliminate an additional step of figuring out the decimals for the odd size.

For Example, If your drawing was 28x57 (in)..  In feet it would be 2.333x4.75 = 11.08

If we calculated the square footage in inches, it comes out to - 28x57=1596     1596÷144=11.08


Square feet is the most accurate way to track a customer's usage. Almost all Wide format printers have a square footage meter in the machine.



Older machines used to track by the linear foot.  Sometime in newer machines, They will track both.  The Xerox 6204 tracks both.  Any Newer Oce' or KIP printer will only track in square feet.

Linear feet only tracks the length of the print.

For example...

If we had a 24x36 (in) drawing and we wanted to figure out how many Linear feet are in the drawing... We look at the edge that was fed out of the machine.

If this drawing was printed Landscape - there will be 2 linear feet printed

If this drawing was printed portrait - There will be 3 linear feet printed.


**If you wanted to try to calculate how many square feet were a Linear foot print.... Take the Linear foot number and multiply it by 3.  (Use 3 if you use 36" rolls)**

Plotter Survey Results

In a 1 year online open survey Aresco asked:


Who makes the best plotters?


The choices were Oce, KIP, Xerox, HP, and Canon brands.


An overwhelming majority (93.9%) said that Oce makes the best wide format printer, while all other brands had near zero results.   Oce is a worldwide industry leader in wide format printing.  Oce N.A. is now owned by Canon, which makes them an ever more powerful organization.

Wide Format Printers Guide

New Wide Format Printer Buyer's Guide (PDF)

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This is a "must-read" before you buy or lease your next wide format printer!

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Hot Summer for Wide format Printer sales

This has been the best summer for wide format printing since 2007.  The majority of wide format printer users confirm that we are headed toward an active year.  Usually, September through April is busy for offices, but knowing how construction works, the summer can be a busy time too.


2 Wide Format Models were the big sellers this summer.


For Black and White output with color scanning… The OCE Plotwave 300 has been a huge winner.


For Color output the Canon Ipf760 has been a remarkable seller.  With its extremely low price point, great reliability and amazing speeds… this is also our top seller.  This model even stacks d sized prints well (unusual for inkjet output).


Another model worth mentioning is the Canon Ipf760/765 MFP… a full copy print scan to file color scan color output system with speeds of 2 prints per minute for under $9900.00 complete!  That’s the full multi-function version with the scanner! For under $10,000! Amazing.


Between the speeds being higher than ever, the prices lower than ever and the reliability exceeding all previous models, it's a great time to look at your document workflow and identify if changes are needed.